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Stahlin PolySlim Low-profile Enclosures


Need an enclosure for a narrow hallway? Looking to save space? Stahlin’s new PolySlim series enclosures may be for you! Sporting a NEMA 4X rating and a wide range of sizes, the PolySlim series has a full breadth of offerings to fit any industrial or commercial application where space is at a premium.

The PolySlim low-profile enclosure series is an easy to modify, lightweight, high-impact rated polycarbonate enclosure with a lower depth than traditional enclosures. With a clean aesthetic and low profile, it can be used in public areas where a larger enclosure may be an eyesore and safety hazard extruding from the wall. The built-in DIN rail mounting embosses offer a fast alternative to back panel mounting. If a back panel is needed, Stahlin’s new ABS back panels may be used to prevent interference with network equipment that may be running from the enclosure, a concern with the growing electrical control, security system, IIOT, wireless, and network communication markets.


  • Shallow depth design with industry standard height/width eliminates unneeded depth and is ideal for low profile applications. Ideal for non-hazardous industrial and commercial spaces prioritizing space optimization.

  • Perfect for industries that value both functionality and aesthetics, offering a low profile design when mounting in visible areas or inside buildings.

  • Built-in DIN Rail mounting embosses in the back of the enclosure offers an alternative to back panel mounting.

  • Molded-in mounting feet with added mounting cross.

  • Available with opaque or clear covers to suit customer applications.

  • Effortless installation and top-tier protection for network components, even in harsh environments.

Stahlin’s ModRight program is available for this series for any custom cutouts, EMI/RFI shielding, colors, digital printing, or other special requests.


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