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Safety Compliance with VeriSafe

Are you aware of the recent changes impacting voltage testing within the NFPA 70E - Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace, when establishing an electrically safe work condition?

Furthermore, an industry study over a 5-year period revealed, that when testing for the absence of voltage using handheld instruments, 55% of facilities experienced an injury or near miss with nearly 12% of those incidents resulting in downtime.  Consequently, industry leaders recognize the need for a better way of testing for the absence of voltage to mitigate these hazards.

Panduit’s innovative product - VeriSafe Absence of Voltage Tester- is a one of a kind solution to verify absence of voltage and improve safety, efficiency & productivity at your plant. 

If you are interested in a brief discussion regarding the 70E standard change and a demonstration of the only device on the market that meets these new requirements, contact your local SMR Gulf Coast representative.

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