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Safety Compliance with VeriSafe

Let Panduit help you comply with voltage testing within the NFPA 70E - Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace and quickly establish electrically safe work conditions.

Did you know, an industry study over a 5-year period revealed, that when testing for the absence of voltage using handheld instruments, 55% of facilities experienced an injury or near miss with nearly 12% of those incidents resulting in downtime?  Consequently, industry leaders recognize the need for a better way of testing for the absence of voltage to mitigate these hazards.

Panduit’s innovative product - VeriSafe 2.0 Absence of Voltage Tester- is a best-in-class solution to verify absence of voltage and improve safety, efficiency & productivity at your plant. 

The Verisafe 2.0 AVT satisfies NFPA 70E 120.5(7) exception 1 and is UL listed to comply with absence of voltage testing standards. Panduit’s VeriSafe 2.0 is rated for Class 1 Division 2 Groups A, B, C, D and NEMA 4X for use in hazardous and corrosive environments.

Voltage testing manually can take 10-20 minutes before work can even begin and requires the worker to be exposed to electrical hazards. With Panduit’s VeriSafe 2.0 AVT, workers can test voltage in both AC and DC systems in just 10 seconds with the panel closed, safe from electrical hazards. The VeriSafe 2.0 AVT also removes the element of human error from the equation.

Panduit’s VeriSafe 2.0 can also function as more than just an AVT. VeriSafe 2.0 can be used with a network module for network connectivity for real-time diagnostics and performance reporting. With this, every test result is recorded including result and diagnostic codes. Voltages can be viewed in real time for remote troubleshooting. VeriSafe 2.0 will also record the temperature trends within the panel.


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