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Retrofit incandescent and HPS fixtures in minutes with Retromaster LEDs!

Do you have old HPS or incandescent jelly jar fixtures? Emerson’s Appleton Retromaster LED Series is designed to retrofit into existing incandescent and HPS fixtures. It’s as easy as changing a lightbulb!

With the ban on sale of incandescent bulbs, switching to LED lighting is more important than ever. The Retromaster LED Series is hazardous rated to retrofit into a variety of existing fixtures, including the V-51 Incandescent series, Stylmaster Incandescent series, and the Mercmaster Jr. HPS series luminaires. There’s no need to cut conduit or rerun wire. The Retromaster will go right into the existing top hat,

with a socket adapter needed for V-51 and Mercmaster Jr. retrofits. Most retrofits will take one minute or less!

The Retromaster LED series also has accessories. Colored globes are available for areas where a specific color may be desired, such as green for eyewash stations. Globes are currently available in green, red, amber, and blue. In addition, stainless steel guards are also available for globe protection.

For more information, please contact your local SMR Representative or visit


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