Littlefuse DC Disconnect Switches

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

DC Disconnect Switches Now Available

Littelfuse expands its solar product line of fuses, relays, surge protection devices, and more with its new DC Disconnect Switch. Trusted with over 25 million installations, Littelfuse understands the challenges of photovoltaic systems and what it takes to create a dc disconnect switch that can handle the harsh conditions of PV applications.

When trying to isolate circuits or repair systems, you need to be able to interrupt the flow of current to prevent shock hazards as well as damage to equipment. These LS6 and LS6R dc series disconnect switches are energy-efficient, compact disconnect switches that quickly break or resume the flow of current safely.

The streamline design of the dc disconnect switch eliminates the need for external bridging links or jumpers. This lowers heat dissipation for increased energy efficiency, decreases installation and maintenance time, and reduces its footprint for added design flexibility.

Available in various voltage and ampere ratings, the dc disconnect switches are applicable for photovoltaic or energy storage systems, oil and gas, railway, and uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems.

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