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Littelfuse Compact Solutions

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Class J Fuse Disconnect Switch

The new Class J Fuse Disconnect Switch combines a switch and multiple fuses in a compact device. It offers a simpler way to manually open and close a circuit while safeguarding against overcurrent and short circuits. With a higher interrupting rating, it delivers more robust protection, increases personnel safety and offers a longer switch life.

Smallest Arc-Flash Relay

The new AF0025 series is a cost-effective arc-flash protection solution in our most compact package. The arc-flash relay significantly reduces arc-fault damage in ac and dc compartments by detecting the light from an arc-flash and rapidly providing a trip signal.

With a depth of only 1.82” (46.23 mm), the compact design can be surface or DIN-rail mounted in the smallest places. This makes it ideal for renewable energy applications such as combiner boxes and inverters, industrial applications including uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and variable frequency drives (VFDs), as well as junction boxes and panels where space is limited.


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