Integra Battle of the Boxes

7 Ways Polycarbonate Beats Fiberglass and Stainless Steel Enclosures

Stainless and fiberglass have long been the industry standard when it comes to industrial enclosures. While each has its own set of positive attributes, there’s one material that has them both beat: polycarbonate. Polycarbonate industrial enclosures, like those made by Integra, feature more positive attributes than fiberglass and stainless steel combined.

Integra polycarbonate comparison chart

Integra box variety

Integra Enclosures offer a cost-effective and reliable solution for protecting sensitive electronics at oil and gas drilling sites. Polycarbonate enclosures have proven to have superior corrosion resistance with the added benefit of being a less expensive alternative to stainless steel. Our products are also capable of withstanding more than 900 pounds of impact, more than four times the resistance of fiberglass, another common alternative for electronics enclosures.

Our polycarbonate enclosures are robust enough to shield the electronic controls and batteries of solar-powered injection pumps and withstand the constant stress of the sun's ultraviolet rays and other forces of nature common in the rugged environments of oil and gas sites. Due to their durability in all conditions, polycarbonate enclosures typically outlast the lifetime of the equipment they protect. Because of this, oil and gas operators will meet safety and environmental standards, no matter where they drill in the world.

Every application and installation is unique. That’s why Integra enclosures offer a variety of mounting and customization provisions. Whether DIN rail for electronic components/connectors, or back panels, components easily and securely install. These field-mountable enclosures use no metal so they are completely corrosion resistant. And when it comes to customization, Integra offers custom sizes and viewing windows, plus screen printing or holes/cutouts. We provide the ideal design for each client.

Rest assured that when you select Integra, you are getting unsurpassed quality. We rigorously test our products to meet international standards for performance (like IP and NEMA), chemical resistance, impact ratings, UV properties and more. We then certify them to UL/cUL standards, as well as RoHS and Atex.

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