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High voltage? You need warning labels.

Safety is the number one priority when it comes to industrial electrical equipment. Cable tray is no different. NEC code 392.18(H) is clear on the requirements for properly marking cable tray to ensure that everyone knows the potential danger of high voltage cables:

(H) Marking

Cable trays containing conductors operating over 600 volts shall have a permanent, legible warning notice carrying the wording “DANGER - HIGH VOLTAGE - KEEP AWAY” placed in a readily visible position on all cable trays, with the warning notices not to exceed 3 m (10 ft). The danger marking(s) or labels shall comply with 110.21(B). Exception: Where not accessible (as applied to equipment), in industrial establishments where the condition of maintenance and supervision ensure that only qualified persons service the installation, cable tray system warning notices shall be located where necessary for the installation on ensure safe maintenance and operation.

Fortunately, Panduit has a solution to ensure the safety of your workers. Panduit’s PPS0410D79-NEC is specifically designed to meet NEC requirements for high voltage cable tray.

The Panduit PPS0410D79-NEC is a 4”x10” label made for permanent indoor or outdoor installation. The peel off design with prepared adhesive makes the installation process easy, and these signs are designed to be abrasion resistant, chemically resistant, and UV resistant for use in a variety of locations.


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