Enduro Cable Tray

Enduro cable tray has long been the industry standard for high quality fiberglass cable tray. Made from the highest quality pultruded materials, Enduro ladder tray is tough and resistant to chemical attack. Enduro's non-metallic cable tray has been used in the most corrosive and structurally demanding environments across the globe, including offshore platforms, chemical plants, oil and metal refineries, and water treatment plants.

With more resin systems available than any other FRP cable tray manufacturer, Ladder Cable Tray from EnduroEnduro can provide the best solution for your specific application. Be sure to check out the chemical resistance guide for details on the specific chemicals their resins are resistant to. Enduro also offers the ability to design non-metallic cable tray in a specific color to match an existing structure.

Enduro’s complete line of ladder tray solutions includes straight sections, molded fittings, mitered fittings, fasteners and accessories. In addition, the technical support resources, along with the information found in the Electrical Products Guide and Catalog, will provide everything you need to design a complete non-metallic cable tray system. For custom applications that require non-standard products, Enduro’s technical staff can develop custom-designed solutions to fit your needs.


  • Unmatched Corrosion Resistance - Superior to aluminum or stainless, ideal for highly corrosive environments such as offshore platforms or chemical plants

  • Superior Structural Performance - High-strength composites

  • High Strength-to-Weight Ratio - Lighter than metallic tray, ideal for offshore platforms

  • Life-Cycle Cost Savings - Long life and low maintenance equate to the lowest cost system over the long term

  • Largest Number of Molded Fittings - Largest number of molded concentric fittings of any other global non-metallic ladder tray manufacturer

  • Complete Line of Accessories

  • Ease of Installation - No torches: only standard tools needed: no sharp edges

  • Wide Range of Resin Systems - To fit your application

  • Engineering & Design Support - AutoCAD, PDMS