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Diagnostic Monitoring: SolaHD’s SCM

Your power supply is talking to you. Are you listening? Power supplies are vital for DC powered control systems in a variety of industries, from the oil and gas industry to the food and beverage industry. SolaHD’s SDN-D series compact DIN rail power supplies are among the best in the industry providing reliable and efficient power with diagnostic monitoring capabilities using the SCM network communication module.

Reliability and efficiency are two of the most important features in a power supply. With Class 1 Division 2 ratings and an operating temperature range from -40C to 70C, SolaHD’s SDN-D series power supplies are reliable in a variety of harsh and hazardous environments. Using the optional SDN Redundancy modules, the SDN-D series power supplies can become even more reliable. Regarding efficiency, the SDN-D series boasts an incredibly efficient active Power Factor Correction of 0.98, among the most efficient in the market.

Unplanned downtime can last hours and cost companies millions of dollars in lost production. With SolaHD’s SCM Communication Module, key diagnostics can be monitored through either Wired HART or EtherNet/IP. This enables predictive maintenance, which can reduce downtime by up to 50%. These diagnostics also show output current and temperature or both the module and power supply. An abnormal load or temperature reading could indicate a problem with one of the devices connected to the power supply that could impact production and risk worker safety. Troubleshooting these problems can be done remotely through the network.


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