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Appleton's QUICK RELEASE Program

Does your customer need a panelboard for an immediate emergency to mitigate downtime? Or do they need a custom-drilled junction box on the fly? Emerson’s Quick Release Program for Appleton Enclosures & Controls is your answer.

The Quick Release Program, commonly referred to as QRP, is a consistent and exceptional service provided out of Appleton’s Houston plant. This program offers a limited range and quantity of panelboards, motor starters, disconnects, and custom-drilled enclosures with significantly shorter lead times than typical engineered to order items to help you better service your customers’ time sensitive needs.


  • PlexPowerTM Factory Sealed Power and Lighting Distribution Panelboards

  • D2P Factory Sealed Circuit Breaker Panelboards

  • AEB Series Bolted Combination & Non-Combination Full Voltage Motor Starters

  • ACSE Series Manual Motor Starter

  • AE Series Disconnect Switches

  • AE Bolted Circuit Breaker Enclosures

  • AJBEW Junction Boxes/ ACSEW Control Stations

Beyond lead time, QRP also has a few other advantages. Unlike other engineered-to-order items, special pricing agreements are not necessary for QRP items. Pricing is already preloaded to each Appleton distributor’s account. QRP also eliminates the approval drawing process, with select forms that must be filled out for certain items. For panelboards, there is a breaker schedule form that must be completed. For custom-drilled enclosures, there is a drill-and-tap form that must be completed. After the purchase order is processed, with any required forms submitted, production will immediately begin. Complete product details and customization forms can be found here.


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