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Appleton™ Mercmaster™ Connect LEDs offer remote monitoring technology

Appleton’s Mercmaster Connect is the next step in luminaire technology. Industrial facility managers can now continuously monitor their LED lighting assets to achieve sustainability goals, real time diagnostics, and optimal illuminance levels from any remote location, thanks to the new Appleton Mercmaster Connect LED luminaire combined with Emerson Plantweb Insight software.

This groundbreaking solution dramatically lowers cost when compared to wired monitoring alternatives, with faster installation time and minimal disruption to plant operations. Mercmaster Connect luminaires are linked wirelessly to Plantweb Insight software via Emerson WirelessHART network technology. With quick and accurate data analysis made possible by Plantweb Insight, it is much easier to prioritize maintenance and identify potential hazards or failures that may put the safety, reliability, and compliance of a facility at risk.

As with all Appleton Mercmaster luminaires the new Connect LED delivers exceptional energy efficiency, unmatched reliability, and the industry’s most advanced engineering. Certified for Class I, Division 2 and Zone 2 locations, it provides lighting solutions for a wide range of industrial and hazardous applications, including oil refineries, petrochemical facilities, chemical plants, power generation plants, and other areas where flammable gasses and vapors may be present. Non-hazardous models are also available. For more information, please contact your local SMR sales representative or visit


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